Description of Vasily Perov's painting “Girl”

Description of Vasily Perov's painting “Girl”

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Perov is one of the Wanderers, who were somewhat akin to the Decembrists, only if the Decembrists wanted to change the world with a kind word and a gun, the Wanderers believed (and they were probably naive) that they could reach the ruling layers by the power of art.

Most often they wrote simple people, their hardships and joys. Someone spiritualized familiar peasant faces and showed their simple dignity, someone showed sketches that narrated everyday nobility, someone wrote rebuttals to official propaganda.

Perov, on the other hand, ridiculed, as a rule, the stupid and harmful customs of snickering landowners who did not bring any benefit to the priests. So, among his paintings, there is the “Religious procession” and “Tea drinking in Mytishchi”, ridiculing the sins of the clergy, “The funeral of the dead man”, showing the loneliness of the peasants, who do not care.

The “girl”, in her own way, stands out from this row. There is no ridicule in it, only the desire to calmly and impartially convey the beauty, which, like any virtue, can be inherent in both the peasant woman and the noble lady. In the picture, on a hillock in the field, a girl sits. She faces the viewer half-sided, her face is visible only in profile. She is very young. The nose is slightly upturned, the cheek is puffy, hands hug the knees. A long braid descends below the back. The girl looks into the distance, without a smile and without close attention, just resting from a long hard day.

Next to her, a child - hardly a son, too big, but rather a brother - also looks towards the sunset. The field around them creates a sense of peace and unity with the earth. It seems you can feel the smell of mowed grass and warm soil from him, hear the birds sing. the soft light of the sun floods the faces of children, and they in their own way seem holy, part of the earth, born of sunset and grasses, and not the dirty stuffy world of gray cities.

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