Description of the painting Apollinaria Vasnetsova "Autumn Leaves"

Description of the painting Apollinaria Vasnetsova

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As you know, Vasnetsov loved Russian nature and portrayed it with special trepidation. He not only conveyed what he saw on his canvases, but also sought to make the viewer understand what he was thinking and what worried him.

Autumn is a sad time. Nature is preparing for a long winter. It is raining and it's already cold enough. But this time is charming, because right now the trees are painted with bright colors. They try on yellow, orange and reddish outfits.

We see in the picture Vasnetsov depicted a corner of his native nature. On the front dress are maple branches. A tree grows on the banks of a river or pond. The shape of the reservoir can only be guessed, as the artist deliberately does not prescribe this detail. In the distance you can see a village that is lost in a magical haze. All this becomes the background for bright leaves. They are important for the artist.

Vasnetsov skillfully uses a palette of colors. His canvas is saturated with yellow, orange and red. The grass is still green, but it is only visible in some places through the colorful carpet. The sky is rather gloomy. It is covered in heavy clouds and low clouds. Despite this, we do not create an oppressive impression of this picture.

Vasnetsov’s creation is incredibly cheerful. He was able to convey to all of us his impressions of what he saw as a seemingly ordinary picture of nature. People walked here every day, but no one could notice the charm that the painter saw. It turns out that beauty is hidden in the ordinary. You just need to notice her. This, probably, is the true mastery of a delicately sensitive artist.

Nature for Vasnetsov is beautiful at any time of the year. We understand that the painter loved autumn. If she brings boredom to others, he sees her quiet charm. Right now, nature is becoming truly fabulous and vibrant. Thanks to this picture, the viewer begins to look differently at quite familiar leaves that are truly wonderful.

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