Description of the painting by Nikolai Yaroshenko “Female student

Description of the painting by Nikolai Yaroshenko “Female student

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"Female student" is one of the responses of Yaroshenko, always sensitive to popular unrest, to the next change in her usual way of life. Just as, responding to the sorrow of the people about those arrested and repressed, he writes “Everywhere is Life”, so the “Student” is born out of public confusion - women were allowed to study, something is changing, something is ending and it's scary.

"Female student" shows a young woman hurrying to study. She is dressed modestly, in a dark dress with a white collar, on her shoulders a light, casting a blue cloak, a black cap on her head. A woman holds textbooks under her arm - just like all students in the world do, and her arm is curved slightly awkwardly - she is not used to it, maybe even a little creepy to step over her usual patterns.

She has a wet, shiny pavement under her feet. Apparently, it was raining. To the left of it and to the right of the viewer is a wall, on the other hand, the picture is not limited by anything, going into apparent infinity.

The woman’s face is the most remarkable in the picture. She is very young, she has a narrow chin, beautifully curved eyebrows. She looks a little to the side, not at the viewer, and her eyes are distracted and a little bewildered, as if she is not quite sure what she is doing.

This picture was the first image of a studying Russian woman, and her entire composition is arranged to show that there is nothing threatening in it, nothing that should cause alarm.

Just a student among other students, a young girl, frightened by her own courage, but stepping over fear for the sake of education. There is nothing superfluous in the picture, small details of importance are drawn - the girl’s face, a book, an awkwardly bent arm - and everything else is blurry, floats a little in the wet autumn haze, because it is not important and only sets off the main image and the main message.

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