Description of the painting by Vladimir Feldman "Homeland"

Description of the painting by Vladimir Feldman

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The canvas depicts a soldier leaning against a birch. He hugs her so gently as his girlfriend. It can be seen that the soldier has not been at home for a long time and that birch represents the native Russian land.

Probably, he was in a foreign country for a long time and was very homesick. Around the hero are birches, and at the bottom there is a small village. Such a landscape is characteristic of Russia. The soldier is dressed in a military overcoat, and a bag is behind his shoulders, his hair has grown over the wind. The guy's eyes are alienated, as if he is deeply immersed in his thoughts, and possibly in his memories.

Maybe he went to the front from here a few years ago, all the hardships of front-line life are imprinted on his face. He is no longer the boy who, with a naive look, went to fight the enemy. He has matured and has changed a lot. Only leaning against a tree can he mentally return to that carefree time without war.

The artist very realistic conveyed the nature of the region. The yellowed grass and the plowed field indicate that autumn has come. The painter very symbolically depicted a birch, to which a soldier leaned, next to a stump. The stump is very fresh, apparently a tree was cut down recently. As if there is a possibility of the death of Russian courage, but, nevertheless, other birch trees are unwavering and they have support.

The soldier's gaze raised the question of how he lived, how his close people live now. He anticipates a long-awaited meeting, but has not yet decided to leave such a familiar and dear grove. There are only a few steps left between the past and the future, but it is not easy for a soldier to take them. He needs to gain strength, the war exhausted him, he is morally exhausted.

Perhaps someone did not wait for him, but someone is waiting with hope. He will come and say that he is alive, and he will leave spiritual wounds for himself. Having embraced a birch, the soldier regains his lost peace of mind and harmony. This is so important before meeting with the most expensive. The picture shows the first long-awaited meeting of a soldier, a meeting with his homeland.

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