Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Portrait of the Artist F. I. Chaliapin”

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Portrait of the Artist F. I. Chaliapin”

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Fedor Chaliapin is an outstanding opera singer who lived in the early twentieth century. Valentin Serov is a wonderful artist of the twentieth century. It is not surprising that these individuals were given the opportunity to meet.

Serov often portrayed bright, talented people in his portraits. In his work there are portraits of Maxim Gorky, Levitan, Repin and Leskov. Serov could also not miss the opportunity to depict Chaliapin on the canvas.

The portrait was painted in 1905. This picture is significantly different from the usual portraits of Valentin Serov. Firstly, Fedor Chaliapin is depicted in full growth, by this the artist wanted to show the physical majesty of this interesting person. Secondly, the picture was painted neither in oil, nor in watercolor and not in pencil. The portrait is made of charcoal. And at first glance it may even seem that this is an unfinished work, but a sketch.

Chaliapin in the portrait is depicted as a truly magnificent person. He is wearing a full dress. White shirt, butterfly, patent leather shoes - everything looks perfect.

The pose of Fedor Chaliapin is liberated, it is clear that he is not straining, but at the same time we see his proud posture, confidence. The body itself seems slightly disproportionate. A small head, large shoulders and long legs, but that is how Serov wanted to portray singer. The artist also worked on the face, it turned out to be very expressive. The slightly sad expression on the face of the hero seems to tell us that the singer is going to perform a lyrical song.

The portrait looks very simple, but it is considered one of the most beautiful and accurate portraits of Chaliapin. The picture has absolutely no background. Serov did not want to portray Chaliapin somewhere in a restaurant, on stage or in a house. And it turned out that attention does not go to foreign objects, but it is focused on one person - Chaliapin.

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