Description of the painting of Henryk Semiradsky “The funeral of a noble Rus”

Description of the painting of Henryk Semiradsky “The funeral of a noble Rus”

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Semiradsky depicts the culmination of a traditional Russian burial rite in the picture. At most you can see a standing man. He had already set fire to the torch and was about to move this fire directly under the boat.

First, the deceased was placed in a temporary grave, and now taken out to carry out the main action. We see that he was put on the best clothes, impressive in their wealth. Then he was seated in a boat, all his weapons were laid nearby and food was arranged. Various animals were sacrificed. They chose one of the girls who will become the wife of this deceased. She will be burned along with this rich Rus.

The painter created a picture based on the original source. The themes of many of his creations were subjects taken from the Bible. He brad the ancient texts and interpreted them in his own way. This gave him the opportunity to express himself. The picture about the funeral of a wealthy Rus was no exception. The source was a detailed account of this rite of the Arab ambassador. He saw how the body of a dead man was burned and buried on the great Volga River. The traveler describes in detail the ceremony, which lasted ten days.

The artist interprets the plot in his own way. In his picture, a lot of details. That is why it would be desirable to consider it, finding more and more new details of this rite. Expressive strokes and bright colors are impressive. It creates a complete sense of reality of what is happening. All the characters of this canvas are as voluminous and tangible as possible.

The viewer feels an involuntary witness to what is happening. The rite is depicted with naturalistic accuracy. Such a creation of the painter truly impresses with a special look of events and an unusual interpretation of the plot. The picture is replete with expression. We feel how the artist relishes this ancient rite, paying attention to every detail.

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