Description of the painting by George Nyssa “February. Moscow Region

Description of the painting by George Nyssa “February. Moscow Region

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In the visual arts, the theme of winter is given great importance. Many artists saw this time of year differently and tried to bring something new to his image. One of the paintings of this kind is “February. Moscow Region ”, written by the remarkable painter George Nyssa. The artist performed his work in oil.

By the name of the canvas, it becomes clear to the viewer that the plot takes place in the last month of winter somewhere near Moscow suburbs. In fact, Nyssa painted the canvas exactly at this time in 1954.

The nature depicted on the canvas, still shackled by snow and ice, is ready to soon come to life under the warm spring rays. The long shadows cast from the tall spruce trees that fall on the snow and the roadway indicate that the sun will begin to set very soon.

A long road crosses the road, extending into the distance beyond the horizon, on it you can see several cars. This suggests that the track is not busy and is located in a small suburban village. In the shade of fir trees you can see a structure resembling a church. The train, with many trains, is moving along rails on a towering hill.

It seems that the air in this picture is heavy and humid, and the snow is slightly melted and damp from warm calm weather. At sunset, the sky is gray-blue. Heavy clouds float on it, which may bring the last winter snow to the earth this year. In the left corner, the sun's rays paint the sky with pink and golden tones and brightly illuminate the distant forest in front where the road goes.

With the help of lively bright colors, the painter George Nyssa masterfully was able to give a charming atmosphere to the atmosphere of everyday life. His paintings fill the good and bright emotions of his viewers. They teach to see beauty everywhere, be it the simplest compositions and landscapes.

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