Description of the painting Diego Velazquez “The Old Cook”

Description of the painting Diego Velazquez “The Old Cook”

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Velazquez depicts a cook who cooks fried eggs. Nearby is a servant. In one of his hands is a decanter of wine, and in the other a melon. But these objects can not say anything about the essence of these heroes.

We feel that they are not just calm and far from the hustle and bustle. They are completely immersed in a poor life, which is graceful and very difficult. But they are majestically solemn. That is why only real epic heroes come to mind. The old woman, like some kind of Pythia, performs sacred actions on fire. The youth is completely focused, as if he is Romulus, who is facing the foundation of Rome. But why are they so magnificent among ordinary supplies and pots in the kitchen?

Velazquez depicts how majestic the poor can be. Hands of a boy and an old woman freeze over a fire. They do not touch, but the heroes feel the presence of another. If you do not take into account the characteristic characteristics of rude life, you might think that the painter depicted a certain sacrament (energy is transmitted from the wise old age of youth).

Clay pan and mortar are incredibly voluminous. In the background, the darkness is most condensed. It seems that the painter is mysteriously silent about something. This is precisely the main attribute of the royal principle. Velazquez portrayed the cook as truly solemn. Almost regal. Her profile is similar to that which is usually minted on medals. All objects are similar to cast from metal. The commoner became a monument to himself. In this case, the nature is not corrected. Academic ideality is missing. Life is completely unlike life.

The meaning is recognizable and open. But the UN is not the main one here. Much remains a mystery. The viewer still does not understand where the action of this picture takes place. Other details are also unclear. We cannot understand how the old woman and the boy are connected. Here all this is not so important, since the meaning of the canvas is much deeper and more significant. The picture takes on a generalized meaning. Velazquez conceptualizes modernity and conveys its attitude to poverty.

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