Description of the sculpture of Benvenuto Cellini "Perseus"

Description of the sculpture of Benvenuto Cellini

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As you know, Perseus is the son of Zeus. It belongs to him the glory of the hero, who was able to chop off the head of the famous Gorgon Medusa.

In the 16th century, Cellini was asked to create a bronze Perseus sculpture. It was necessary to capture the hero at the very moment when he overthrew the gorgon and stood above her defeated body, holding a severed head in his hands.

It was necessary to make a statue hollow inside. Such work required a lot of effort and, of course, time. Initially, the statue was made of clay, then it was burned and waxed over the entire surface, and then another layer of clay was applied. After that, the wax was specially melted through the holes left for these purposes. Then, bronze was poured into the resulting void.

The sculptor conceived a very complex figure of Perseus. She was full of details, so almost no one believed in the success of the plan. The casting went under very difficult conditions. As a result, real splendor was created. Many believed that this was a true miracle. There was a real downpour, so the sculptor ordered that the maximum possible temperature be created in the furnace. This led to the destruction of the furnace and a fire in the workshop.

The work was already in full swing, but it suddenly became clear that bronze was not of the quality that was required. Cellini gave the order to collect all the tin utensils and throw them into the oven. At that time, it was valued almost as highly as silver. The sculptor himself was very ill and worked hard.

The statue is really impressive. Often, viewers do not see the body of the gorgon, which lies at the feet of Perseus. Cellini decided to sculpt Medusa as a beautiful young woman. The smallest details are striking, which were able to convey to the sculptor in metal.

Before us is a true masterpiece of a true master.

Painting by Marc Chagall

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