Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov “Stone in the forest at the spill”

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov “Stone in the forest at the spill”

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“A stone in the forest at the spill” is the early work of A.K. Savrasov. Despite the lack of experience, the picture is recognizable, the artist in his early works used his individual style. The picture is bright and memorable.

The canvas depicts a huge stone, very unusual and rare large size. Such a boulder is a real peak for young trackers. Two boys are standing on it, it is clear that they are tired of climbing a boulder, one boy does not let go of the branch, he is afraid to fall. The guys feel like conquerors of peaks, not every adult dares to climb to such a height. Such an act will forever remain in memory. For the artist, this was also a peculiar peak of his career.

The boulder symbolizes the first victories, he conquered the first height. Although she can be done by ordinary village boys, she surrendered, submitted. Such a victory brings inspiration and self-confidence. The stone was overgrown with moss, which indicates its longevity. Perhaps it symbolizes old problems that a person cannot overcome. The picture gives hope, shows that nothing is impossible. The artist informs that the main thing in life is a victory over oneself, one's complexes and fears.

Variegated colors give the image of reality. The forest plays in different shades, it is not just a background for the protagonist of the stone, he hugs a boulder. The huge peak has long been part of the forest. Below, the artist used darker tones, which indicates the density of the forest. Apparently the boys wandered into the wilderness, which rarely anyone goes. This is a real adventure for the guys.

The boy on the stone boldly took off his hat and holds it in his hand; he wants to feel the spirit of freedom and feel the heights. The wind develops his hair, which further indicates the greatness of the boulder. A clear sky speaks of a good day and gives a warm mood to the picture, there is a victory over a huge stone.

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