Description of the painting by Vladimir Borovikovsky “Portrait of Arsenyeva”

Description of the painting by Vladimir Borovikovsky “Portrait of Arsenyeva”

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Vladimir Lukich Borovikovsky is an outstanding portrait painter of the 18th century. His most famous paintings are portraits of young and beautiful girls. “Portrait of Arsenyeva” is just like that.

The picture shows a girl of about sixteen. She has blond curly hair, long below the shoulders. Chubby rosy cheeks, but fairly white skin. By the side of the girl, you can guess that she is from a noble family.

Her dress is white with gold jewelry on the sleeves and neck. And on the girl’s head there is a hat of golden hue, unusual in shape. Feathers or ears of wheat stick out from the hat. The girl looks at us with a proud look. Her nose is slightly raised up. And the lips fold into a slight smile.

Judging by the background, the girl is sitting outdoors. Behind her is a clear blue sky and a green young tree. On the right hand and the girl are two thin pearl bracelets. And in her left hand the girl is holding a yellow apple. Many Symbolists believe that this apple symbolizes our world, and the point is that our world is in the hands of a girl. But others claim that the apple and the fancy hat are a symbol of the simplicity that Borovikovsky wanted to convey.

But who really is this beautiful girl? Ekaterina Arsenyeva was a student of the Smolny Institute of Noble Maidens. But Borovikovsky devoted many paintings to the students of this institute. Arsenyev, indeed, came from a noble family. Her father was a military man; he even participated in the assault on Ishmael during the Russo-Turkish war.

But not the origin of this girl is important. But the important thing is that with his portraits of cute girls Borovikovsky seemed to say that there is nothing more beautiful in the world than the beauty of a young girl.

You can admire the painting “Portrait of Arsenyeva” in the State Russian Museum, which is located in St. Petersburg.

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