Description of the painting by Jean-Francois Millet “Gatherers of Ears”

Description of the painting by Jean-Francois Millet “Gatherers of Ears”

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The painting "Gatherers of Ears" was painted in 1857 and is currently in the Paris Musée d'Orsay. The materials for creating the work were oil and canvas. The dimensions of the canvas are 84 by 111 cm.

In the picture we see a group of women working in the field. Warm, soft tones of nature and muted blue colors of clothes, a bright sky with soft clouds, a simple composition, smooth, soft figures of women - all this conveys a calm mood, allows the viewer’s eye to relax. It seems that peering into the picture, you even begin to smell the freshly cut hay.

Millet does not show the faces of women, the details of their clothes, paying much attention to the background, decor, and nature. Three haystacks are visible in the background; their shape resembles in some way the three figures of hunched women. Riders are also seen in the background, apparently, women are removing pieces of hay left after them.

A simple scene from everyday work life appears unusually harmonious and full of beauty. Jean-Francois Millet emphasizes the simplicity of women's outfits, but, nevertheless, writes them clean and neat. To some extent, the picture poetizes the work and life of ordinary peasants.

The bent figures of women approach the earth, telling us that it is the earth that feeds them and makes it possible to live. They kind of worship the earth, thanks to it for their bread given by it. If you look closely, you can see that the hands of the gatherers are not light and tender, far from elegant, but rather coarse, strained, perhaps even calloused.

Nevertheless, looking at the work as a whole, we don’t see fatigue and pain from tension and exhausting work, we don’t see sweat dripping from our foreheads, we don’t focus on these rude hands, we only feel the charm of labor and its fruits, village life .

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