Description of the painting Jacopo Tintoretto "Self Portrait"

Description of the painting Jacopo Tintoretto

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Before us is a grand self-portrait, which the artist painted at the age of 70 years. Creation is truly impressive to the core. As for colors, it gives the impression of monochrome. This is no coincidence. That is how the artist acts on us at a psychological level.

The background is very gloomy and absolutely arbitrary. We see an old man who is not just tired. He is completely exhausted. A gray beard frames his strong-willed face. The viewer reads the special experiences, the bitterness of reflection and the pain of disappointment of this person. He lived a long life.

Tintoretto is looking directly at us. His eyes strike with depth and special wisdom. We simply cannot resist this particular magnetism. There is an irresistible desire to understand the artist, having penetrated his soul and the deepest corners of his huge soul.

In the portraits of the artist, warm colors usually prevailed. Before us is a truly magnificent image of a true painter. Yes, he is old and gray. But his eyes are full of living fire. The human spirit is full of strength and special pride. The painter’s self-portrait is really amazing. The artist was sure that a self-portrait allows you to talk about what a person experienced and what he changed his mind about.

Tintoretto portrays himself against a background in which he seems to dissolve. The face becomes a special bright spot. His whiskers are softly silver, lips that are tightly pressed are visible under them.

Wrinkles cut through the forehead of this wise old man. They testify that he lived a long life. The clothes are practically not drawn. She only barely guesses against the general background. The artist draws a little fur collar and shoulders of this man. The main thing here is the face.

We present Tintoretto as a thoughtful and incredibly temperamental artist. The canvas makes us feel that the painter managed to get ahead of time.

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