Description of the painting by Ivan Tikhiy “Storks”

Description of the painting by Ivan Tikhiy “Storks”

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I. Tikhiy in his work "Storks" displayed lightness, a sense of flight and movement. The artist very favorably conveyed the beauty of nature, its endless distances. The azure sky sets off the white scraps of clouds.

A hot summer day allows colors to play even brighter. The landscape beckons with its beauty, and I want to run through the endless expanses, breathe in this fresh air with full breast.

The foreground of the picture fills the expanse of a mowed meadow. Ripe ears of grass are ready for haying. Thickets of reeds are visible, which indicates the proximity to the reservoir. It is in such hot weather that birds spend time near the water.

Birds rise up and merge with the bright sky and floating clouds. Feathered soar in the vast expanses of heaven, there is a feeling of freedom and flight. Storks are displayed randomly on the canvas, as if they were frightened of something and suddenly rose in the sky.

Perhaps someone scared them. It took a long time to create such a picture, because it is very difficult to depict the movement. The painter had to observe the behavior of birds for a long period in order to accurately convey all the details.

The picture is made in large strokes, which gives it a relief and the effect of presence. So I want to go over the tall grass and feel the vastness. This magical feeling of flying and lightness takes hold of the contemplator. The sky is beckoning and calls for flight.

The birds are beautiful and strong, they easily come off the ground, despite their greatness. The artist very faithfully depicted the bend of the wings, apparently he thoroughly studied the movement of birds, the peculiarity of their body position during flight. I. Tikhiy conveyed a unique feeling of lightness and the mystery of flight.

On the magnificent landscape, this action looks even more bewitching. The canvas coils up memories from childhood, it was at this time that you can feel absolute freedom, be free from prejudice, rules and responsibilities, fly high, into the azure distance.

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