Description of the painting Apollinaria Vasnetsova “Winter Dream” (Winter)

Description of the painting Apollinaria Vasnetsova “Winter Dream” (Winter)

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This landscape received a well-deserved medal at the exhibition, which took place abroad. We see the mysterious edge of a fabulous forest. All of her was shackled by severe frost.

Deep into the picture goes the path that the sleds passed along the road. It seems to direct our gaze. The viewer involuntarily turns to the village, which is barely visible in the ringing distance. There is a sunset in the sky. It was painted with shades of lemon and yellow.

An incredibly sharp contrast is created with the bluish shadows that can be seen on all fluffy snowdrifts. Branches of pines and firs gently wrapped fluffy snow. He became for them a kind of soft blanket.

Vasnetsov depicts silence reigning in the forest. If a branch accidentally breaks under your foot, this crunch will be like a very loud shot.

The landscape was built somewhat artificially. You feel deliberate decorativeness. The color is expressively effective. The wide brushstroke of the artist’s brush is somewhat monotonous. Individual objects are deliberately contoured with clear contours.

Shades of blue are taken without any nuance. All this demonstrates the pronounced belonging of this canvas to the modernist direction.

Vasnetsov manages to masterfully depict the edge of the fairy forest. Snow covers not only the earth, but all the trees with a very fluffy and cozy blanket. He seems to take care of them. We see the indescribable magnificence of the winter forest. Mysterious spruce beckons and scares us at the same time. It is likely that something mysterious is hidden behind them.

Vasnetsov manages to create a fabulous picture. The line between reality and sleep is completely erased. Some elements are deliberately voluminous. The artist uses tones and midtones, making special transitions between them. The magical skill of the painter is impressive.

The artist deliberately highlighted some details with intense color and made the contours pronounced. this allows you to feel special fluffiness and severe frost. The Spectator has an irresistible desire to find himself at this edge to enjoy a fun game of snowballs. Vasnetsov manages to convey a special depth and strong feelings.

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