Description of the painting Jacopo Tintoretto "Crucifixion"

Description of the painting Jacopo Tintoretto

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Jacopo Tintoretto painted the picture “Crucifixion” based on a classic biblical story. The writing style is characteristic of a mature period of the artist's creative career.

The work displays many images on which the painter worked for several years. In the center of the composition the scene of the crucifix with robbers is displayed.

Jesus' disciples fell to his cross, and crowds of people strayed a few people each and startledly watch the procession. The picture depicts several storylines, it is terrifying that the attitude towards human death is negligible, there is a depreciation of life, a decline in the significance of people in the world. Light comes from Jesus, and the sky is obscured by black clouds, but in the distance you can see lonely rays of hope.

The plot can be divided into several parts. One group of people clung to the crucifix of the prophet, they hopelessly touch the cross, someone calms the suffering mother, and Jesus towers high above them like a mentor. His hands seem to embrace the whole world, and the emitted light gives good, despite the tragedy of the situation.

At the right hand of Jesus is another murder. Several people put an upright cross, creating a terrifying impression of everyday work, lack of compassion. And in the corner of the picture, several people scaredly watch the action. Their faces are distorted by fear and horror, and hopelessness emanates from them.

A man is crucified on the left hand of Jesus, the horseman mercilessly beats up the resisting sentenced. Someone leads the process, while others are indifferent. The picture shows cruelty, horror and death.

Several suffering people in comparison with the crowd of robbers look a few and do not inspire hope for justice. The artist depicted the character of each character on the canvas. The picture was hung in such a way that, depending on the angle of incidence of the sun's rays, one or another scene of the plot could be contemplated.

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