Description of Marc Chagall's painting "Self-portrait with an Easel"

Description of Marc Chagall's painting

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Several portraits were painted by artist Marc Chagall in 1914. One of them is Self Portrait with an Easel. Before that, from the age of 19, a Russian painter with Jewish roots studied with many masters the basics of fine art. From Vitebsk to St. Petersburg, in the cradle of new directions - Paris, the young sculptor forms his own style. It was based on cubism, expressionism and primitivism.

"Self-portrait with an easel" creates the first impression of mystery. A half-seated artist turns his gaze away from the easel to the viewer.

The enthusiastic work was interrupted: colorful stains dotted on the host, the brush in the hand froze in zero gravity, the other hand holds the palette flooded with different colors firmly. The plot is concise and simple. But the performance is so individual that it is instantly remembered and does not allow attention to be distracted from the unusual technique of the artist Chagall.

The everyday plot from the author’s creative life is executed in contrasting light spots. The shirt and canvas on the easel are bluish-white, similar in texture to a cloudy sky. Strange yellowish face with brown and green shades. Even on a dark brown wall, a white light spot is visible.

Some fragments of the painting are clearly of a cubic style. A palette with exactly outlined circles of scarlet, black and green paint has a square shape. Its corners are pretty rough. The brushes drawn side by side are linear, careless - in the style of primitivism.

The absence of an iris in the white eye sockets of the portrait looks frightening and significant. Chagall’s incomparable unique manner in depicting reality captures this originality and carries on a long journey through the back streets of the artist’s mysterious soul.

Seeing his self-portrait, there is a desire to get acquainted with the rest of the work of the master and confidence is born in their extraordinary.

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