Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Portrait of I. A. Morozov”

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Portrait of I. A. Morozov”

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The large family of Morozov, the artist Serov painted several paintings. Among them - "Portrait of I. Morozov."

The work was performed in the mature years of the master - in 1910. Saying goodbye to youthful lightness and romance, the Russian painter embarked on a series of portrait canvases, serious, thoughtful, even somewhat dramatic.

I. Morozov is a textile worker from Tver, as well as a great connoisseur of art, collecting works by Henri Matisse. Like the whole dynasty, it is noticeably rich, which is clearly recognizable by the features of the portrait. We see the background - a colorful picture of the French artist Matisse in a gilded frame. The figure of a respectable man overlaps the great creation. He sits with his hands on a table covered with a clean snow-white tablecloth. With his elbows apart, he seems to be trying to occupy the entire space.

One feels the satirically accusatory quality of Serov in the work shown. A materially wealthy man is depicted in the foreground, leaving somewhere behind a masterpiece of art, blocking it with a monumental body. As if considering himself the most significant of all, he exposes his nature. He was able to buy the creation of Matisse and is proud of himself.

Easily readable contrasts of the canvas. The image in the frame is strewn with bright dots of scarlet and yellow fruits, pinkish buds in a vase against a background of blue and green painting. A man is in a brown jacket, his face is turning slightly pink. Brown as a color of stability perfectly complements the look of a man who is confident in the future.

Morozov’s high forehead, neatly folded hairstyle, golden cufflink and the same ring attract attention. From the details, the aggregate image of the “master of life” is born.

The portrait of I. Morozov is remarkable for its plasticity, depth of character transmission and the invariable truthfulness of the soul of the Russian artist.

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