Description of the painting by Henri Matisse "Conversation"

Description of the painting by Henri Matisse

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At first, it may seem that Matisse depicts a perfectly banal scene that can happen on any day. We see the husband and wife talking in the morning.

In the characters, you can guess the artist himself and his wife. This is not easy to do, as Matisse deliberately gives the character traits schematic.

But, if you start to analyze the canvas more deeply, it becomes clear that not everything here is so simple. The artist in a special way interprets reality.

Blue background is not just the color of the wall. It grows into an important symbol, becoming an important idea of ​​space as a whole. Blue is incredibly significant. It simply captivates all viewers.

Our subconscious mind miraculously goes into the witching depths of the seas, to peace and silence. This is a special source of life. It was from here that all life was born. Green is also very important. It symbolizes nature, fertility. In the center we see the tree of life, which personifies for a long time the whole life cycle.

The figures of man and woman are also iconic. They become a vivid embodiment of the female and male principles. To express the male artist uses vertical straight lines. For the feminine, he uses gracefully curved lines that impress with incredible smoothness. This union is eternal. Thanks to him, a new life is born.

A tree is depicted between them in order to symbolize life. The grill is made of different lines. It is she who becomes an unusual bridge between a woman and a man. There is no prospect in this picture.

The artist depicts objects in a completely different way than they are in reality. For the painter, not things are important, but the special relationships that arise between them. He is interested in centuries-old ties. The idea becomes universal and solid. Consciousness involuntarily goes back to ancient times.

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