Description of the painting by Konstantin Trutovsky “On the masonry”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Trutovsky “On the masonry”

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Trutovsky Konstantin Alexandrovich famous Russian painter and graphic artist. This work was done in a simple folk style, which the artist very often liked to use.

The author uses a simple arrangement of close-up figures against a landscape. The artist depicted on the canvas simple working peasants. The images of people are made quite naturally, and the colors are matched exactly as if alive. The plot of the picture is colorful and interesting.

The author skillfully portrayed a summer sunny day in the village, a clear blue sky draws us in and beckons with his blue. The sun shines brightly and warmly, and the soul becomes so quiet and calm. A small river flows along the grove, green grass lies beautifully above the river, and spread around the greenery like a carpet. Everything around is green and beautiful, quiet and calm, the weather was just fine that day. In addition to the beautiful nature, we still see four people in the picture.

Young peasants, a girl and a guy, carefree and enjoying life peacefully relaxed in nature. On the canvas we see a young man sitting on the crossbar and suddenly, a woman suddenly flies on him with a baton in her hand, she is serious and very worried about something. A woman takes off his hat from a guy and swings at him with all his might. But the guy as if inquiringly asks her for what ???

Here we can only guess that the woman is the girl’s mother, and the man grabbed the young lady in the arms of her father. And immediately it becomes clear to us that these two young people love each other. They decided to run away from everyone away, so that they could at least be together a little, the young wanted to spend this beautiful sunny day only together, without extra eyes.

There is silence all around, everything is so calm and charming, their souls circling over the sky rejoicing that they are together, that they love. And then, unexpectedly for all, their peace is violated by her parents, who have already searched their daughter. They take her home, and the young idyll ends there. But still, in addition to all the prohibitions, the girl and the guy love each other very much. And this picture shows us how good it is to love someone and that they love you and that beauty and love will save the world.

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