Description of the panorama of Franz Roubaud "Defense of Sevastopol"

Description of the panorama of Franz Roubaud

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I would also like to talk about the history of the panorama of “Defense of Sevastopol”, which is actually no less dramatic than the history of this war, where the army of the Russian empire lost even in spite of the indisputable heroism and dedication of the soldiers.

In 1899, on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the war in the Crimea, it was decided not only to make a parade and other events in Sevastopol, but also to create a kind of anniversary gift that would be dedicated to the battles for this city.

Franz Alekseevich Roubaud in 1901, received an order to write this canvas. As soon as he received this order, he immediately went to Sevastopol himself, in order to directly familiarize himself with the available documents, facts and portraits of that battle. Before starting to write a panorama, he made about 50 sketches.

The canvas depicts the plot of the battle on the Malakhov Hill, where about 173 thousand British and French soldiers were unable to make a major breakthrough in the confrontation with 75 thousand Russian soldiers. After the work was completed in Sevastopol, then it was necessary to wait for approval in St. Petersburg, and then Roubaud went to Munich, where, together with a large number of assistants, they completed the panorama. The volume of work was simply colossal and the size of the panorama too.

The panorama very clearly absorbed all the events of that battle. It is worth noting that only carefully traced people on the canvas of about 4000 thousand, around which the battle broke out.

Speaking about the dramatic history of this painting, the Great Patriotic War was implied, during which the Germans destroyed a significant part of the picture, as a result, only minor parts and formats of the picture, which have been trying to restore for several years now, but there is no suitable candidate who could handle the full restoration of the panorama.

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