Description of the painting by Ilya Glazunov “Golgotha”

Description of the painting by Ilya Glazunov “Golgotha”

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Russian artist, who declared his work to the whole world, Ilya Glazunov is a mysterious and controversial figure. His works are about Russia and for Russia, they are concocted from collages, they tell about the past past, talk about the present and prophetically look to the future.

Glazunov noticed the beauty of the world in colorful colors, he was interested in characters little-known and famous - poets and writers. With particular admiration, the painter spoke of Fyodor Dostoyevsky: he dedicated large paintings in the triptych called The Legend of the Great Inquisitor to the Brothers Karamazov.

"Calvary" 1983 - the name of the central part of the triptych. To the left and to the right of her are no less interesting works that deserve special attention: The Grand Inquisitor and The Night.

The canvas "Golgotha" already in one name tells the vast history of the Christian world. The execution on canvas of the moment of the Savior's crucifixion for each painter is unique and complemented by his understanding of what is happening.

Christ Glazunov is sad, lonely. Big eyes are full of world sorrow. Scarlet blood dutifully rolls down the noble face of a martyr. Huge pillars of the cross divide the picture into parts, revealing behind a view of a disturbing sky and flocks of uncomplicated birds.

The sadness of the character of the artist is contagious and seems unbearable. Contrasting red and blue colors form the basis of the canvas. The yellowish skin of Jesus is like the light of the sunset sky on the horizon.

Ilya Glazunov worked to revive the identity of his native nation. The great traditions of true and incorruptible Orthodox spirituality, lost in the modern world, need to be resurrected. The canvases of the creator devoted to society are in a hurry to help in this noble cause. Although critics are not always satisfied with the technique of execution, it is impossible to deny the importance of Glazunov’s paintings as catalysts for positive changes in society.

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