Description of the painting by Pavel Filonov “Formula of Spring”

Description of the painting by Pavel Filonov “Formula of Spring”

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The magnificent artist Filonov, this time presents to the audience, one of his best works, which is internationally recognized as such not only by a large number of admirers of his work, but also by serious art critics and art historians.

"Formula of Spring" is like a melody that is superimposed on the lines of life, thereby creating a seething symphony with a high-sounding chorale.

The work really deserves the title of monumental. At first glance, its implementation may seem chaotic, but in fact this mosaic carpet has orderliness. This kaleidoscope of particles flying apart in different directions, each of which is dotted and has its own cut and color, represents the triumph of the spring formula.

This work is an amazing and incredible combination of the living and the dead worlds, plant and animal, inorganic and organic, etc. The artist, as if he does not notice these divisions and does not see the difference in them. It is like a whole universe in which all processes are subordinate to one and are equally connected with each other, from which there are no divisions in them.

In this case, each particle, like every atom, is simultaneously moving, and standing still, and speaking, and silent, and crystalline and biomorphic.

The artist depicted on this canvas not specifically some surface of phenomena, but exclusively their laws by which they live, all the processes to which they are exposed, which is often inaccessible to the eyes of most artists. The writing process of this work and the approach to it, to some extent, can even be called scientific.

It is worth noting that the artist was fond of various authors who subsequently played on the formation of his taste: Tsiolkovsky, Darwin, etc. That is why viewers have the opportunity to see such wonderful works.

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