Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin "Summer"

Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin

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The brightest Russian impressionist Konstantin Korovin enthusiastically painted portraits and still lifes, and especially landscapes. Nature at all times of a changeable year, on a clear day and a mysterious gloomy night, lonely in its beauty or serving as a living background for human figures, blooming or temporarily freezing - landscape painting by K.A. Korovin is rich, diverse and, without a doubt, extremely talented.

The Russian artist often contemplated the hidden corners of Russia, every year he left for Paris, rested and worked in the Crimea. He displayed the "Summer" of 1900 with photographic accuracy, but through the prism of an impressionistic view of the world.

The audience is presented with a surprisingly lively composition. The technique of applying smears with oil paints seems to be borrowed from nature itself - grass, leaves, earth and the entire contents of the canvas look so natural, realistic.

The swamp-colored rivulet reflects the stains of clouds in the sky, the sight escorts its rapid course. Paying attention to the distant horizon, it is easy to notice a speck of white and red color combinations: the painter often dressed the characters of his creations. A lonely lost figure in the fields merges with the natural expanses in harmony and serenity.

The brownish buildings of the little houses hint at a constant human presence.

The painting “Summer” seems to be highlighted by yellowness: this is how the author conveyed to the audience the heat of the scorching midday sun.

In the creation of Korovin, the thoroughness of the execution of the landscape is striking. He used so many different shades of green, so many times the master’s brush touched this canvas!

For her hard work on it, the painting “Summer” received due attention and is now in the homeland of impressionism - in the city of inexhaustible romance - Paris.

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