Description of the painting Vasily Timofeev “Girl with berries”

Description of the painting Vasily Timofeev “Girl with berries”

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Vasily Timofeev followed the manner of Tropinin and considered human nature as the main theme in his work. Portraits breathe tenderness and penetration. They present poetry, organically inscribed in a faithful portrait.

These characteristics are characteristic of the manner of painting by V. Timofeev. Especially vividly such features are manifested in girlish images. He expresses the ideals of national beauty.

His heroine, a girl with berries, is subtly felt and realistic, warmth and sincerity are felt in the picture, as the artist seeks to portray only positive aspects.

Favorite everyday subjects, even in portraits, were conveyed by the artist in a romantic style, emphasizing the charm and psychology of the model.

Timofeev's “Girl with Berries” embodies the national tradition and a sense of reality with fine detail and a special energy coming from the image.

In the 19th century, during the golden age of Russian art, romantic ideals were especially popular. Russian artists embody the diverse and unique world around them, moving away from the principles of classicism and strict canons.

A high level of skill and technology was reflected in the portrait and landscape. Timofeev, as the founder of the genre portrait, surprisingly understood his purpose and was sensitive to the Russian tradition and tendency in painting, which together manifested itself in the integrity of his work.

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