Description of the painting by Alexei Stepanov “Cranes are flying”

Description of the painting by Alexei Stepanov “Cranes are flying”

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The famous painting of the artist from the partnership of the Wanderers Alexei Stepanov was painted in 1891. The painting depicts village children, as evidenced by the characteristic clothes of the late 19th century - bast shoes, onuchi, tied shawls.

In the yard is early spring, around the Central Russian plain landscape and cranes return to their native lands. The kids look after them, watching them. Apparently, they walk and talk, judging by their position in the lap of nature.

Children feel comfortable in this setting and perceive the fact of a change in the state of nature with curiosity and knowledge. The work is unique in that it has a living system and composition, conveys lost emotions - communication with nature, existence with it, it is also a source of knowledge and hospitality for them.

The best animalist after Serov, Alexei Stepanov manifested himself as an artist in paintings of Russian nature and life. In the insignificant and simple, I was looking for a deep meaning. In his works it is difficult to determine which direction the artist professes: landscape or genre painting.

The picture “Cranes Flying” was greeted with admiration, and as critics of the time noted: “previous achievements were focused on it and the author’s future path was determined.”

But the success of this picture was explained by the love of peasant children who gathered on a hillock, heated by the sun. Traveling along the Oka, Kama and Volga, the artist saw many such children and spoke heartily about them and about nature on canvas.

In one of his walks, leaving the grove, I came across a flock of kids in a meadow and saw cranes flying in the sky, and began to paint the best picture.

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