Description of the Assol monument in Kirov

Description of the Assol monument in Kirov

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Assol is a girl from the very famous novel Scarlet Sails. It was written in the 20th century by Alexander Green. The writer is a native of the city of Kirov. And where, if not there should have been a monument to the famous girl Assol.

This monument is young, it adorns the city only since 2013. But you should not think that this idea did not lead to the Kirovites before. This monument is an exact copy of the monument, which was built in the city in the last century. Then it was located at the cinema of the same name based on the novel by Alexander Green, next to the fountain, but the years of perestroika took their toll. And already in the 2000s, the monument was lost that no one knew where it is, and the cinema itself ceased to exist.

But the memory remained. In addition, the Kirovites are very proud of their countryman and his work. They wanted the monument to beautify their city again, and all the visitors who came to it associate Kirov with romance, an irresistible belief in a dream. Therefore, it was decided to create a new monument to Assol, which stands on the shore.

Assol is holding a boat on it, as if now another movement, and she will launch it. Of course, such a sculpture has become a cultural symbol and pride of the whole city. Its cost is 1 million rubles, the money was collected by all residents. Now each of them can be proud of his contribution to the cultural heritage of the country. After all, people come to the monument from all corners of our great Motherland.

It is also noteworthy that the Kirovites not only created this sculpture in gratitude to the writer, but also arranged a real holiday, which was called Romance Day. It is celebrated by locals every year, and the date is August 23rd.

It was on this summer day that the famous writers Grinn were born. On the same day, many years after his birth and the creation of the novel, a monument to Assol was erected on the banks of a river in the city of Kirov.

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