Description of the painting Caravaggio "Penitent Mary Magdalene"

Description of the painting Caravaggio

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According to historical information, by 1597 one of the deeply religious paintings of Caravaggio, entitled "Penitent Mary Magdalene" was completed. Numerous biblical stories especially touched the soul of the sculptors of the Baroque era. The Italian painter Caravaggio created most of the masterpieces in Rome - the then center of art throughout Europe. His famous “Mary Magdalene” was also written in this city.

From the rich gamut of the canvas and the skillful play of light, Caravaggio's brush is instantly guessed. The background of the painting is completely painted in a dark brown tone. Only a small fragment of bright light falls from somewhere on top of the corner of the picture. The figure of the artist’s heroine with objects lying next to her is also illuminated.

A young woman sits on a low chair in the center of the picture. She wears a silk white shirt. Dress with corsage is decorated with damask ornaments. A long blanket frames the figure of the heroine. Near her on the floor are all sorts of jewelry: earrings, beads, necklaces. Nearby is a transparent jug of water. She washed her thick brown hair after washing.

Caravaggio masterfully shows the emotions of Magdalene. She folded her arms in front of her in impotence. The head of the former harlot is tilted, her eyes are closed. However, her depiction of remorse is not readable. Rather, it is a heavy humility with the hardships of life, fatigue and doom.

It seems that even tears run down her face, exposing all the bitterness in her heart.

The painter invited the girl Anna Biancini as a nature. She was a young sinner, about sixteen years old, because of a need she was selling her body. She told the artist a difficult life story. And he found her image most suitable for writing "Repentant Magdalene."

The religious canvas was met with criticism and commendable admiration. Now it can be seen in the capital of Italy - in the gallery of Doria Pamphili.

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