Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Sea Bay"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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The most famous marine painter I. Aivazovsky painted thousands of paintings about the sea that inspired him. The painter was interested in the storm and calm, dawn and sunset, winter and summer. He knew how to skillfully capture all the conditions and shades of sea weather. Now these masterpieces are available to the general public in many museums around the world.

Each painting by Aivazovsky is a unique world with a unique atmosphere. The artist painted canvases from memory. Once he saw the beautiful landscapes of the sea element laid on the canvas with a striking photographic similarity. The painting "Sea Bay" 1900 depicts a calm harbor with ships. It was written in the last year of the life of a brilliant Russian artist.

We see brilliant work in every respect.

Outlines of the mountains are covered with misty haze on the horizon. Ships, light sailboats and boats lowered into the water. They are difficult to count, since the silhouettes are also lost in a mysterious fog. On the shore, you can clearly see the figures of people. Some of them rest near the boats, others stand closer to the water. In all this, peace, tranquility and harmony are felt.

The greenish water surface barely sways in the breeze. Slow waves rush into the sandy shore. A ship is raising a white sail close to the shore, and a boat with passengers is slowly sailing towards it. Nothing violates this peaceful calm of busy people.

Most likely, Aivazovsky captured the dawn hour. It was at this time that the sun was so soft. And the fog is also a companion of the early morning hours.

“Sea Bay” seems to us poetic, extraordinary in beauty.

Muted colors are replete with warm colors. In other places, other natural colors smoothly appear. A large white cumulus cloud froze in the middle of the sky.

The "Sea Bay" of 1900 was placed in the Tretyakov Gallery.

Picture Golden Autumn Polenov

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