Description of the painting by Konstantin Savitsky “Repair work on the railway”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Savitsky “Repair work on the railway”

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The work of Konstantin Apollonovich Savitsky “Repair work on the railway” conveys the working atmosphere of ordinary people, the way of life of those years.

On the separated site, some excavation work is underway. The construction process involves more than a dozen people. At first glance, accessories and tools are quite primitive: a pick, shovels, a wheelbarrow, so people have a hard time. A typical weekday, full of work - all that we see on the canvas. In addition, in the background you can see a beautiful landscape, from which it can be judged that the work is done in the countryside.

Turning to a more thorough study of the work, you can see that the workers are either repairing something or expanding the drainage ditches. The characters of the picture are exhausted by their hard work, the viewer often wants to feel sorry for them or sympathize with them. The author wanted to demonstrate and focus on the severity of the labor of ordinary peasants.

The place where the artist was inspired to write his work has long been known: the Kozlov-Zaseka railway station of the Moscow-Kursk railway in the Tula province. Savitsky worked all day on sketches to vividly depict the slave labor of the peasants. The size of the canvas is commensurate with the efforts of workers - 103 × 180.8 centimeters. Savitsky made no less effort than his heroes to reconcile the desired.

In the picture, the artist identifies some images: a muscular man with a white scarf on his head, a sullen mustachioed worker with dark hair, and a very young guy barely holding a wheelbarrow in his hands. About the severity of the cargo says the car lying on the right, which is broken.

At this time, the creation, written back in 1874, is exhibited in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

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