Description of the painting by Vasily Maksimov “Boy-mechanic”

Description of the painting by Vasily Maksimov “Boy-mechanic”

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The image of peasant life was one of the main motives for the work of Maximov Vasily Maximovich, and the artist himself grew up in a peasant family, passed the path familiar to all Russian artists from a talented self-taught person to a graduate of the Russian Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg.

Like no one else, Vasily Maximov knew all the hardships of peasant life, he grew up in a peasant way, was well acquainted with the life of a simple person working on the land. That is why the purpose of his work has chosen demonstrative art aimed at revealing all the best that is in peasant life.

Thus, the artist revealed the positive beginnings of life in the outback, showed the best qualities of ordinary Russian people. So, for example, the painting "Boy Mechanic" shows the uniqueness of Russian talent. The originality of those amazing inventors and creators who were raised by Mother Russia in its vast expanses.

Joy for his parents, a blond boy day and night with tanned interest and childish curiosity eyes mastering some amazing mechanism in his small workshop. His rude mother looks at the boy with tenderness and hope. The father, frozen in the hallway, looks with curiosity over the little son’s shoulder, he is surprised and proud of his mechanic boy. The soft light pouring from the window illuminates the room of young talent.

The image of the mechanical boy Vasily Maximov unites all those talented masters, artists, architects and inventors who came out of the people, became famous thanks to their unique talent. Those numerous “Left-Handed”, which gave birth to our Russian land, according to the artist, deserve recognition and admiration.

The artist himself, once a talented native of a peasant family, spent the rest of his days in wild need, experiencing only hardships.

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