Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich "Summer landscape"

Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich

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The famous Kazimir Malevich earned fame as a vivid representative of Cubism and Suprematism. But whoever had the chance to look at the artist’s earlier creations, for this, Malevich also becomes a brilliant impressionist. “Summer landscape” is written in this direction. The style of this remarkable work of 1928-1929 is also close to realistic painting.

The oil painting on canvas is imbued with a sunny mood. The author used strokes of different textures to build the composition. The color scheme of the picture is natural, natural. Most of the canvas is flooded with different variations of green. The summer of Kazimir Malevich is fresh, green, blooming.

The artist placed an architectural element and a human figure in his landscape. Under a large spreading tree in the center of the canvas, either a female or a children's figure in a white sundress is noticeable. A table is set nearby and a path is trodden leading to a rural house. In the distance, the outlines of other buildings are visible. The sky above the green scenery is serene blue.

Looking at the picture, as if you are transported into the depths of a green garden, where in the shade of a tree you can enjoy the peace of a summer day. The riot of greenery pleases the eye and makes you miss summer. A time of relaxation and long walks in nature gives moments of unforgettable happiness.

In the work of art “Summer Landscape” there is not a hint of innovative Suprematism. Malevich writes this work, as if resting from a new direction. The result of this experiment to return to the original style deserves the highest praise.

A small rural landscape can be perceived as the author's nostalgia for his childhood. He lived outside the city, surrounded by nature, and it was here that was imbued with love for its colors. Having become a prominent artist, he recalls with awe past years.

The Russian Museum of St. Petersburg hosted Malevich's Summer Landscape.

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