Description of the painting by Peter Gruzinsky “Shrovetide”

Description of the painting by Peter Gruzinsky “Shrovetide”

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Pyotr Gruzinsky, who is famous for his battle paintings, also painted genre scenes. In particular, Georgian began to actively write genre paintings on his return home. One of the genre scenes is captured in the painting "Pancake week" of 1889. This canvas is one of the most famous works of the Russian artist.

In the picture "Shrovetide" there are horses that are harnessed to a sled. They quickly jump along one of the village streets covered with snow. On the heads of animals there are bells, the sounds of which appear as you look at the canvas.

The sled is not empty: both young and old people are accommodated in them. Everyone looks joyful and fervent. But how could it be otherwise when there is a public holiday on the street - Maslenitsa, which symbolizes the seeing off of winter and is regularly celebrated at the end of February. The traditional celebration of Shrovetide includes eating pancakes with butter, hiking, roller coaster rides, and a trip on a trio captured by Georgian. On the whole, the ritual component of the holiday combines folk and ancient elements of celebration. And despite the prolonged sky, the picture fully reflects the solemnity and festivity of the moment.

In addition to the people sitting in the sleigh, there are other characters in the picture. These are the residents of the houses who went out to watch for the fun of the villagers passing by.

The artist managed to capture the movement of the horses: their manes and tails flutter in the wind, and the snow rises under the hooves of animals. When you look at the canvas, you immediately feel the whistle of the wind from the speed of driving.

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