Description of the painting “The Tale” by Nicholas Roerich

Description of the painting “The Tale” by Nicholas Roerich

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Roerich was very fond of nature, this affected his work and in his words. He said: “Be simpler and love nature!”. In each of his paintings you can see this love for all the forces of nature. This picture depicts a very simple at first glance landscape, which becomes the more difficult the longer you look at it. He makes you think about something of your own, without taking his eyes off the opening magical look.

In the foreground is a large elevation of stones. Most likely, this is a natural rock, as if assembled by the hands of huge giants. Many huge boulders stacked one on top of another form a hill of dark gray-blue color. At the very top of this elevation, several undersized, but incredibly tenacious trees sprouted. Each of them went through many difficulties in order not to die in these difficult conditions of rocky terrain. Away from the surviving trees there is a small process. It’s hard to understand - this is a fresh shoot or a broken tree stump of a tree that once existed, but it attracts attention.

A yellow-green meadow spreads in front of the rock; it resembles autumn with golden-green grass. A little in the distance grows a large tree, which seems to be a real giant in comparison with those plants that grow on a rock. Further, behind a tree, overlooks the sea, a little highlighted by the setting sun. The bay, which is somewhere on the horizon of dark blue, is closer to the coast of pink and white. And the sky above all this is a delicate pink color, virgin, as the beginning of a good fairy tale.

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