Description of the painting by Giotto “The Resurrection of Lazarus”

Description of the painting by Giotto “The Resurrection of Lazarus”

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In most of his works, the artist Giotto very often chose this kind of multi-figure compositions in which a lot of side episodes accompanying him are attributed to the main plot. As it may seem at the first, superficial glance, all these side episodes and plots are so insignificant and small that some may have doubts as to the appropriateness of displaying them in the picture.

However, then, after a detailed examination, it becomes clear that the small plot episodes displayed near the main one create a background of exceptional significance, due to which the picture is not only beautiful, but also lively.

And here, in this picture, the greatness of Christ is revealed, which are emphasized by the faces of every person who is present at the miraculous Ascension of Lazarus, full of excitement and amazement.

The drama in the plot picture reaches its highest point of tension in that place of the work, which depicts the sisters of the main character, Lazarus, who fell in obedience to their knees. Mary and Martha bowed, in their gestures and on their faces the feelings of witnesses of this miraculous action are displayed. But most of all the drama and humility is collected in this picture in the figure of Jesus and his outstretched hand.

Here, as in all the works of the artist Giotto, each person appears to be at the center of this unusual religious event. The figures of the characters of Lazarus and Christ were slightly moved by the artist to the edges of the overall composition, so the center goes to witnesses of this miracle. And there are a lot of emotions in the picture, starting from superstitious fear and ending with the deepest shock and humility from what is happening. All this can be seen on the artist’s creative work after its examination or after extensive study.

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