Description of Titian's painting “The Annunciation”

Description of Titian's painting “The Annunciation”

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While working on this picture, Titian worked not only with brushes, but also with his fingers, trying to show the image that struck him in a fit of inspiration. It was as if he was trying to fashion the image of the archangels, the Virgin Mary herself and Jesus, his apostles. He worked on this picture for five years, preparing it for the church. She did not come out light, rather on the contrary, quite scandalous and having "dirty colors" work. Because of her contemporaries criticized Titian. Now this work is considered one of the most daring both in his work, and in that era.

The painting depicts a plot in which the archangel Gabriel informs Mary that she is facing the immaculate conception of Jesus. Virgin Mary is frightened and squeezed, it was a very bold move, because most often she was portrayed as humbly accepting the good news or even joyful. The archangel only slightly touches the ground, and one wing is raised. He crossed his arms in front of him, showing humility and humility to God. White clothes on it flutter freely, while on the Virgin Mary the clothes are dark blue and lie close to the body.

On this canvas, you can see the dramatic nature of Christian subjects, which is amazing and makes you peer into small details and minor characters. Archangel Gabriel is the central character of the picture, the apostles from above clearly drawn low heavens look at him from above. A lot of small winged nude images, each of which has its own facial expression and its own characteristics. Somewhere in the clouds there is a gap, which in itself attracts attention.

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