Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting The Reaper

Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting The Reaper

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The painting was painted in 1889. It depicts a man who, using a braid, mows wheat in a field, turning his back to the viewer. No small items, or with particular complexity of the details worked out. Above it is a bright blue sky, and the picture itself seems hastily drawn, if not a child, and not a great artist. But everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. First of all, the artist had his own sinister look both at the hero of his painting and at the meaning that she carried.

According to him, the picture depicts not just a reaper. He represents for himself in the form of death itself. The very one for which the bread that the reaper collects in the picture is human lives. At the same time, Van Gogh personifies death so that nothing sad is visible - everything is flooded with bright rays of pure gold. Such an interpretation of the picture even sounds quite ominous. At the same time, the picture was painted in warm yellow tones, and the sky looks bright enough, nothing says that the man in the straw yellow hat and slippers is death itself. Somewhere in the distance, closer to the horizon, there are trees, the green of which is already fading under the influence of the hot sun.

The hero himself is dressed in yellow pants and the same vest under which a blue shirt is hiding. On his head is a straw or fabric yellow hat that tries to hide him from the sun. He skillfully wields a scythe, and behind his belt tools stick out. He is in no hurry, mowing wheat spikelets step by step.

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