Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Portrait of Repin”

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Portrait of Repin”

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The outstanding artist of his time and his generation, Valentin Serov, lived and worked in the XIX-XX centuries. During his work, he painted a lot of different paintings, but at first Serov was engaged in painting portraits and paintings on order. Due to his commissioned work, he became one of the most talented and outstanding portrait painters of his era.

Among his paintings, portraits, there is a portrait of his friend and associate Ilya Repin. Valentin Serov completed his work a little more than one century ago - in 1901. This work of art was written, of course, in the genre of realism. The picture was not painted in vain - Repin really meant a lot to Serov.

And this story began in 1874, when the mother of a young artist, seeing the talent of her son, took him to Paris. During these years, Repin lived, worked and worked in Paris, who eventually became the very first mentor and teacher for the future portrait painter.

After some time, the artist’s mother met with the patron. The result of this relationship was that she took Valentin Serov, still young and not distinguished by experience, in Abramtsevo. There he began to learn Repin, Polenov and Vasnetsov. But the biggest influence on him was again made by Repin, who earned the trust and location of the guy earlier.

True, their friendship was not so long, and broke apart a few years after the artist painted a picture-portrait of his first teacher, mentor and master. This happened because after 1905, when Serov changed a lot and became sullen, quick-tempered. Due to his changed character, he completely abandoned the title of academician. This was the end of the friendship between the two artists. Nevertheless, the portrait of Repin, painted by Serov’s talented hand, still amazes the minds of contemporary artists.

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