Description of the painting by Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov “The Fever (1884)”

Description of the painting by Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov “The Fever (1884)”

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Vasnetsov was one of the most famous artists of the nineteenth century. He received the nickname "hero of Russian painting", and was one of the first to depict stories based on epics and fairy tales. Reproductions of his paintings began to adorn textbooks, candy boxes and other items. Most often, these were such paintings as “Ivan Tsarevich on the Gray Wolf”, “Athletes”, “Alyonushka”. He was a true master of Russian painting, taking an interest not only in easel painting, but also in other branches of art, from illustration to architecture.

This painting depicts the Mamontov's Hawthorn. The thoughtful gaze of black eyes captivates with its beauty, revealing the deep inner world of the heroine. She is cold and restrained, which emphasizes her noble origin and adds to the girl an areola of mystery. The heroine of the canvas is dressed in a luxurious robe of soft pink color. Under a scarf, a blouse embroidered with gold threads is visible. Numerous rings adorn her hand, testifying to the high position in society. The artist’s love for monumentality is also felt in this portrait, radiating incredible strength, and at the same time, softness.

Vasily Vasnetsov loved his people very much, enthusiastically describing the Russian peasants with whom he had to live in the village. His love for his native land and confidence in his own destiny helped the artist choose his own path, which led him to fame. “The affairs of bygone days, the legends of antiquity deep” come to life in his magnificent paintings, plunging into the mysterious atmosphere of tales and legends. He became the pioneer in the world of folk poetry, drawing inspiration from it and devoting his work to this genre. His excellent paintings allow you to experience the depths of the soul and the true wisdom of the Russian people.

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