Description of the painting by Alexei Stepanov “On the hunt”

Description of the painting by Alexei Stepanov “On the hunt”

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Painting by Alexei Stepanova today is mainly in private collections. Alexei Stepanovich was an amazing person - he had such a soft and complaisant disposition, loved people so much - that he received this love from all those around him back twice as much. Incredibly positive, he looked at the world like a child - in surprise and joy. And he reflected his perception of the world in his paintings.

Most of all, Stepanov loved to draw animals. Dogs, horses, wild animals, hunting scenes make up the lion's share of the works of this master. Throughout his creative life, the artist collaborated with the journal Nature and Hunting, in which he actively published his drawings. He also taught animal painting at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Stepanov was greatly influenced by the work of the French impressionists.

The picture On the Hunt depicts a typical hunting scene with dogs. In the middle of the dirty-gray, drenched road, the snow-white figures of the hounds look spectacular and set up for a festive mood - the artist perceives the hunt as a kind of holiday. The riders' eyes are fixed in the distance - perhaps some of them have already seen potential prey.

Despite the fact that hunting was a particularly frequent motive in the artist's work, he did not regard it as a simple murder. Stepanov knew and understood the habits of various animals, studied them in the wild. The realism of the image of wild fauna has become one of the hallmarks of all the artist's works. As for, for example, dogs - the author distinguished the slightest differences in the behavior of different breeds. All this made him a truly great Russian animal artist - unfortunately, partly undeservedly forgotten.

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