Description of the painting Vasily Polenov "Dream"

Description of the painting Vasily Polenov

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Vasily Polenov's painting is one of a series of paintings dedicated to the life of Jesus Christ. The series was created over several years, from 1884 to 1909. Russian painting of that time shows great interest in the history of the gospel.

Looking at the picture, we see Christ sitting on the rocks near Lake Genisaret. He does not preach, as in other paintings, he just sits, his gaze is fixed on the distance. The artist managed to portray Christ as more human, somehow real, which is devoid of the imprint of God. The character is dressed in simple clothes, more like a shepherd. Someone may say that here Jesus is more like a traveler who is tired, sat down to rest a bit, and not like God. As sitters, Polenov was posed by his students - Korovin K.A. and Levitan I.I.

Translucent fresh tones are characteristic of this work; it is notable for the composition purity unusual at that time. In order to portray an episode from the Gospel, Polenov traveled twice to Palestine, Syria and Egypt. During trips, a large number of studies were written.

The first version of Polenov wrote in 1890. The work, which is stored in the Saratov Radishchev Museum is one of the best repetitions of the painting "Dreams."

There are several options for the painting "Dreams." Today, all the paintings of Vasily Polenov’s Dreams are stored on the territory of the Russian Federation (in Saratov, Moscow, St. Petersburg). The option, which is stored in Saratov, has a special conciseness of the whole composition, freshness of colors, peace of mind.

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