Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Sevastopol"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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The theme of the glorious city of Sevastopol occupies a special place in the work of the artist Aivazovsky. This city managed to win a special love and a special place in the heart of an outstanding marine painter.

Aivazovsky painted episodes of the defense of the Black Sea and the Crimean peninsula in the Crimean Tatar War. Turkey in the autumn of 1853 decided to declare war on Russia. In March 1854, England and France fought for the Turks. Sevastopol from the north was besieged in September 1854 by the troops of the Turks, French and British.

Several times Aivazovsky had to pay a visit to Sevastopol to arrange a display of his works in order to talk with participants in the battles. He had to do all the sketches and sketches for future paintings during the siege of the city.

The painting "Sevastopol" was written on paper using white and sepia in 1845. The size of the canvas is 19x30 cm.

In the picture, the artist tries to distribute all groups of compositions harmoniously. All details are worked out to the smallest detail. We see in the foreground a small group of people, a boat that is sailing off the coast, ships standing on a roadstead in the bay of Sevastopol. On the other side we notice how detailed the artist painted the Nikolaev casemated battery, city houses, cathedrals. Thanks to the way the artist depicted the sky (he made it higher), we can feel how large the composition is, how much space and air it has.

The graphics "Sevastopol" formed the basis of his larger-scale painting "Russian squadron at the Sevastopol raid."

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