Description of the painting by Yefim Volkov “In the Spring”

Description of the painting by Yefim Volkov “In the Spring”

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In the work of Efim Efimovich Volkov (1844 - 1920) nature has a special place. Immensely admired by the beauty of Russian nature, the painter during his life created many diverse landscapes of Central Russia. With special love, the painting "Spring" was painted, which appeared in 1880 and depicts a quiet, distant corner of the earth.

In this picture, the spring season is just beginning, and trees without foliage still rise from high snowdrifts; but the snow has already melted in places, and the low sections are already filled with high melt water, slowly spreading over the entire visible space and threatening to flood a small structure, which is slightly visible in the background.

This landscape is characterized by calm, soft colors. The subtlety of the shades gives the impression of clarity and purity of air, characteristic of early spring. The depth of space shown by the light play of light is complemented by the reflection of trees in the water. In his painting, the artist was able to subtly and clearly write out each element, which in many ways allows you to feel the realism of the image, imagine the plot with your own eyes, as the author of the work himself probably observed it.

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