Description of the painting by Sergei Vinogradov "Manor"

Description of the painting by Sergei Vinogradov

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The great passion of the artist Sergei Vinogradov was drawing old manors. A similar period was devoted to such landscapes, covering almost twenty years of his life. Together with Stanislav Zhukovsky Vinogradov became the founder of a whole trend in Russian painting, which was called manor. In addition to the estates themselves, Vinogradov depicted palaces, parks, and palace interiors. In those years, Vinogradov's painting was incredibly popular - rich people stood in line to order him a picture with the interiors of his own house or a landscape with a picture of the garden.

All Vinogradov’s paintings of this period have an elevated mood; it is achieved primarily due to the sensation of a sunny day, which the artist depicted in all his paintings. In life, the artist was just as positive and active - he organized exhibitions, introduced people to each other, and was partly a philanthropist in the field of art. In the last period of his life, during the Soviet era, he emigrated to Latvia.

The picture of the Manor depicts an old mansion surrounded by flowers and greenery. Judging by the color, the mansion is made of bricks; the main staircase, covered with ivy, leads to the entrance with high glazed doors. On the second floor there is a charming balcony overlooking the garden. A driveway winds between neatly trimmed bushes and flower beds with vibrant colors. Transparent air, the sun, which floods the whole picture, the colorfulness of colors - according to the artist’s plan, the picture should invariably raise the spirits of everyone who looks at it.

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