Description of the painting by Orest Kiprensky “Portrait of Rostopchin”

Description of the painting by Orest Kiprensky “Portrait of Rostopchin”

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Orest Adamovich Kiprensky worked for the glory of his country. At international art exhibitions abroad, the artist positioned himself as an ambassador of Russian art. Master of portraiture. He painted many famous people: commanders, writers, poets. One of his famous paintings was the portrait of the politician Rostopchin.

Count Rostopchin was the patron of the artist; more than once he rendered him disinterested help and support. Kiprensky often visited the famous Rostopchins' salon, which collected all the color of Moscow. Rostopchin is a famous person who made a successful career during the reign of Peter 1. During the French attack on Moscow, the count was the commander in chief of the city. Rostopchin actively participated in the salvation of state property, but at the same time contributed to the destruction of Moscow by fire so that the French would not get it. Many people know about Rostopchin from the famous book War and Peace, which describes the cartoon image of the count. In fact, Rostopchin is a versatile personality, which Kiprensky tried to demonstrate in his picture.

The portrait of the count was created in 1809. In the process of painting, the artist was guided by the traditions of a strict chamber portrait of the 18th century. The viewer of the canvas is presented not with an external surroundings (clothes or figure), but with the inner world of a person. Not a single detail in the picture hints at the high status of the person. The count is dressed like most secular people of that time. He is wearing a classic dark-colored coat, a white shawl neatly tied around his neck. Neutral clothes and a calm brown background do not distract from the contemplation of the model.

In the picture you can see the face of a noble and educated person. A high forehead gives out in him a natural mind. Rostopchin looks like an open, calm and reasonable person.

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