Description of the painting by Pyotr Levchenko "Farm"

Description of the painting by Pyotr Levchenko

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Small landscape paintings brought fame to the Ukrainian painter Petr Levchenko. However, during his lifetime, the artist did not gain wealth and fame. Almost his whole life he worked as a teacher of painting at the art school and died in poverty and loneliness.

The creativity of Levchenko is characterized by an amazing inner poetry, lyricism and sincereness. Carefully and accurately, the artist depicted Ukrainian nature. Levchenko practically did not use bright colors, he reproduced semitones well, applied oil to the canvas with light, airy, translucent strokes - in most cases, the canvas peers through the paint.

In addition to landscapes, Levchenko was very passionate about interior compositions. He loved to paint the interior, thoroughly and in detail depicting the smallest details of what he saw. The artist’s interiors turned out brighter than landscapes. In addition to oil, the artist periodically used pastels. By style, Levchenko’s work is close to modernity, however, it has separate features of both impressionism and realism.

The Khutor painting depicts everyday rural life, unremarkable, but conveyed with rare sincereness. The girl in the foreground drives the chickens home; faded, as if faded colors give the viewer the opportunity to feel the midday heat, burning the grass underfoot. The whitewashed walls of the thatched house are also noticeably heated by the sun; the fields in the distance turned yellow. The high blue sky creates the illusion of emptiness and freedom; it seems that we hear the trills of a lark far above his head and the cicadas chirping in the grass.

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