Description of the painting by Gabriel Kondratenko "Winter Evening"

Description of the painting by Gabriel Kondratenko

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The creativity of the Russian artist is based on landscapes of nature and the viewer is presented with the beauty of Russian nature. Winter theme is one of the main places in the work of Gabriel Kondratenko. Its famous landscape, "Winter Evening", attracts the attention of art lovers, as the work is very realistic. The picture shows the harsh Russian winter in the village, which attracts not only with its severity, but also with its beauty. It is amazing that the artist was able to depict white in various shades, thereby conveying a real winter landscape. The painting depicts a village in which light gives the landscape coziness and warmth. I want to plunge into this magical winter evening and ride on a wagon, which was depicted by a Russian artist.

To revive the picture and convey the mood, the artist portrayed people who are returning to their homes, hoping to warm up and enjoy a pleasant evening, lying on the stove. Kondratenko depicted in his picture not only the Russian nature in its beauty, but also the life and life of ordinary people who live in the village and do not always pay attention to this beauty. The artist is trying to convey to the viewer the usual picture and life, using an unusual color palette. The pinkish sky and a flock of birds depicted give reason to think and dream about the approaching spring. But until blooming spring has come, the artist offers to plunge into the fairy tale of the Russian village. I skillfully use shades, Kondratenko created not just a landscape, but a real masterpiece, which took an advantageous position in the list of his many works.

Composition by Shishkin’s Landscape

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