Description of the painting by Antonina Rzhevskaya “Fun moment”

Description of the painting by Antonina Rzhevskaya “Fun moment”

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1897; canvas, oil; 83 x 64 Tretyakov Gallery.

A fun moment is the most recognizable of the works of the artist Antonina Leonardovna Rzhevskaya. A descendant of the impoverished noble family from Tver, Antonina Leonardovna studied at the Mariinsky Gymnasium, and then, after moving to Moscow, she graduated from courses at the Moscow Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Her paintings are full of life and light, it is often simple everyday scenes, as if accidentally spied in the most ordinary houses.

Such is the Fun Minute that has been loved by many generations - a canvas that causes, when you look at it, an involuntary smile of joy. Dynamic, made almost exclusively in bright colors, filled with movement. Looking at the presented plot, the viewer as if in reality hears the sounds of music filling a small room in a wooden hut, where his grandfather and his two grandchildren are having fun.

In the foreground is the figure of a little boy, bathed in light. The child stands with his back to the viewer, wearing a loose shirt, short pants and shoes, he trampled in place to the sounds of harmonica, which is played by his older brother, who crouched on a bench in the left corner of the picture. A teenager with a harmonica is no more than fourteen years old, wearing a white labor apron, draped over a scarlet shirt, he obviously only looked away for a moment. Perhaps his grandfather's arrival, which is depicted in a painting in a street coat, distracted him. An old man with a broad white beard is dancing selflessly, admiring his little granddaughter.

All the scene takes place in the workshop. Around the three actors are scattered wooden sawdust, carpentry tools hang on the back wall of the room. Obviously, work is in full swing here, and only for a short time labor has given way to entertainment.

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