Description of the painting Vasily Tropinin “Woman in the Window”

Description of the painting Vasily Tropinin “Woman in the Window”

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The great Russian artist Tropinin differs from other artists in that he complements each painting in a certain direction with its characteristic detail and technique. Heroes who have been embodied in the artist’s paintings are depicted in luxury and ceremoniously. The biography of the Russian artist had a strong impact on the plots of his works. He himself was from a Russian peasant family, therefore his heroes were mainly peasants.

In the painting “Woman in the Window”, the master reflected the main character from the “Tambov Treasury” of the great Russian poet Lermontov. Tropinin portrayed a woman on a typical day, and used warm and vibrant colors to convey mood and reality. The woman depicted on the artist’s canvas is very open and simple, which attracts those who look at her. Such simple and sincere are ordinary people according to the Russian artist. Tropinin took on the mission to show ordinary people in a different light, who are not only busy with their own affairs, but can also show their friendly attitude.

Tropinin, using his paintings, is trying to show the everyday life of an ordinary person, emotions and soul. In the expressive eyes of this woman there is sincere joy and emotional attitude towards others. And the dressiness and luxurious attire attract attention and genuine interest in her personality. The warmth, splendor and sunny paintings of this artist are loved by many people. The artist showed with his works that even ordinary people can be in the center of attention and become heroes of artists.

Portrait of Unknown Peasant Woman In Russian Costume

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