Description of the painting by Ivan Khrutsky “Portrait of a boy in a straw hat”

Description of the painting by Ivan Khrutsky “Portrait of a boy in a straw hat”

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This artist is rightly called the master of still lifes. Portraits of the master are in no way inferior to images of fruits, game and flowers. The artist’s gallery has landscapes, and even icons. In most still lifes, a frontal composition is traced, where the central place is occupied by a bouquet of lush garden flowers that attract the eye with the brightness of the flowers. All details are precisely written out and balanced. Still lifes attract with colorfulness and a sense of celebration.

The artist paints family scenes, interiors of his estate, urban and rural landscapes, iconostases for Uniate churches. Portraits of women and children are filled with warmth and that particular attention to details that make up the special atmosphere of the artist’s painting.

In the painting Portrait of a boy in a straw hat, the master preserves the compositional structure and coloristic solution of still lifes. In the center of the composition is a boy with a basket of grapes. Each berry in the brush is written brightly and naturally. Color shades emphasize the juiciness of a bunch. The boy pressed a basket to himself and calmly looks at us. A carelessly worn hat with a smart feather slightly slid to its side, revealing the touchingly pink tip of the ear.

Partial lighting gives the image liveliness and volume. A dark background allows you to focus all attention on the foreground. The dry thoroughness in drawing details allows you to consider each crease on the shirt and cuffs. There is no tension and special dynamism of the image. But the beauty of nature is reverently conveyed both in the brush of grapes and in the face of the boy.

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